House System

The house system provides the opportunity for all students to widen their involvement in school life. Through representing their house in a range of activities and events all students can develop a sense of identity, belonging and mutual support across each year group, the academy and the wider community.

Each student will be given the opportunity to participate and contribute to their house in a number of ways including taking part in house day activities which focus on developing students softer life skills. Competitions are focused around our core 3 foci, based on the Skills Builder programme ‘Team work, Staying positive’ and ‘Aiming Higher’. Attendance is also rewarded on a half-termly basis.

The House Point reward structure also contributes to the house system and allows house/form groups to access various events to celebrate and recognise success. The house structure also provides leadership roles for students and the opportunity to work across year groups to further develop a community spirit/ethos within The Academy.

Students are recognised by curriculum areas on a daily, weekly, monthly and annually through ‘Stars’.

The Academy, Selsey has close connections to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and the name of each house relates to a class of boat. Each house has a different coloured logo on their tie.