The Academy, Selsey Staff

Please see below a list of our wonderful staff. If you wish to make contact with any of the following staff members, please click here to view our communication routes.

Teaching Staff

Mrs A Alonso - MFL Lead

Mr M Angus - PE

Mrs K Butler - Head of English

Mr H Butler - HOD for PE & House

Mrs E Casserly - Science

Miss R Collins - PE

Mr J Davies - Assistant Headteacher / HOD for Maths / Data

Mrs S Dixon - Maths

Miss C Eden - English

Mrs J Ford - Headteacher

Mrs S Haley - HOD for Humanities

Mr R Harker - Humanities / HOD for PSHE

Mr T Harrison - Science

Mrs H Hopkins - Drama

Mr S Jackson - Music

Mrs B Keen - Assistant Headteacher

Dr E Milliken - Humanities

Mrs T Orde - SENCO - Associate SLT

Mrs Z Pawley - English

Mrs S Pirard - Science

Miss E Reeve - HOD for Expressive Arts / Art

Mr J Savage - Head of Year 7 & 8 / Maths

Miss N Sayers - Catering / Child Development

Mr D Searley - Deputy Headteacher / Maths

Mrs J Sedgwick - HOD for Science

Mrs H Sullivan - MFL

Mr M Tymon - Head of Pastoral Support/ H of Y 9,10,11 / Business

Miss E Watts - Catering

Mrs J Toone - Assistant Head Teacher

Ms K Raynsford - Drama Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs C Banks - Finance Assistant

Mrs J Campbell-Baker - Office & Premises Manager

Mr J Carter - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Carver - Business Manager

Mr L Cochrane - ICT Systems Manager

Mrs S Cole - Learning Resources Centre Manager

Mrs A Collard - Teaching Assistant

Mr P Fogarty-Smith - Science Technician

Mrs V Galloway - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Gratwick - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Y Green - Receptionist (including Welfare)

Mrs B Harris - Teaching Assistant

Mr N Heavens - Premises Assistant

Miss M Holden - ACE Tutor

Mrs P Hook - Reflection Lead

Mr J Hooton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Hymas - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M James - Pastoral Manager

Mrs C Kelly - Teaching Assistant

Mr S MacDonald - Premises Assistant

Miss P Pearce - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Peters - Data / Exams Officer

Miss S Phillips - Teaching Assistant

Ms D Plum - Inclusion

Mrs K Prince - Inclusive Learning Administrator / TA

Mr C Robinson - Technology Technician

Mrs J Sapseid - Attendance Officer & Pastoral Support

Ms J Shepheard - Inclusion

Mrs E Spencer - ACE Tutor / Cover

Mrs J Spencer - Teaching Assistant

Mr C Williams - Teaching Assistant

Ms C Willshire - EVC, Careers, Pastoral Support

Mr A Young - Cover Manager