School Production

Panto - February 2022

Camelot the Panto is the story of Arthur’s marriage to Guinevere. With the help of his trusty friend Laughalot the Jester, his nanny Nurse Connie, his father King Uther and the (ancient) Merlin the wizard, Arthur is able to thwart the evil Morgan le Fey’s plan to marry Guinevere off to Valerin the Vicious against her will. Valerin’s ‘mighty’ army consisting of Marlon the Knight, Garlon the Invisible Knight and Valerin’s Mum just isn’t up to the task!

A dress rehearsal matinée was performed on Wednesday 16th February to an appreciative audience of Year 3s from Medmerry Primary School as well as residents and staff from the Old Malthouse. The show was performed ‘for one night only’ to a paying audience in the school’s main hall.

Mrs Hopkins, Mr Jackson and Mr Harrison would like to congratulate the cast and crew on an incredible performance and commend them on their hard work and dedication to bring this show to the stage.