Why Homework is Set

The Academy believes that a good, well-managed homework programme helps our students to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning.

Homework is highly beneficial because it helps develop these skills:

  • To enable students to manage their time and work to set deadlines

  • To practice the skills they have learnt in the classroom and develop their independence and resilience

  • To prepare for knowledge tests, big assessments and their GCSE Examinations.

  • To enable students to embed class-based learning, securing knowledge retention and consolidating understanding.

  • To develop and build skills of effective research, creativity and encourage reading, often in preparation for a new topic or theme.

Topic Guides

  • A Topic Guide is an overview of a topic that students are currently studying in the classroom. It contains only the most important facts that students are expected to know for lessons.

  • Topic Guide are used to support homework at The Academy, Selsey. Teachers will direct students to learn certain parts of the Topic Guides at home to help support learning in lessons.

  • Each student has been provided with a Topic Guide Booklet for each term.

  • Each Topic Guide include key questions which parents can use to test or support the development of knowledge.

  • Electronic copies of the Knowledge Organisers for each year group are available below.

Autumn Term 1 - Topic Guides

How can Parents Support their Children?

We ask that parents support their children by seeing that home learning is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions. Facilities and conditions that are conducive to study include:

  • Access to a suitable place to study and away from distractions, including mobile phones, computer games or the TV. Research shows that it can take at least 15 minutes to return to a state of full concentration after a text message or phone call has distracted us

  • If there isn’t somewhere quiet to work at home, encourage your child to use the LRC

  • Encourage your child to spend a set amount of time each evening on homework and take an interest in what they are studying.

  • Parents can support their children by encouraging them to engage with their Topic Guides - please see the Topic Guides section.

  • The frequency of homework is displayed in the table below.

Accessing and Recording Homework

All homework will be recorded by teachers. All resources that the students will need to complete the work will be uploaded to ClassCharts. Students will be able to see all submission deadlines and should plan their work around these deadlines. Parents/Carers can also see these deadlines on their Class Charts accounts.

Homework Frequency Table