Why Homework is Set

The Academy believes that a good, well-managed homework programme helps our students to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning.

Homework is highly beneficial because it helps develop these skills:

What Homework will my child receive?

Passion Projects

Passion Projects are a new initiative which allow students to achieve and excel, producing projects at home which cover a different cross-curricular focus each half-term. These are optional, but students completing the passion projects will be recognised and rewarded, with the opportunity to share their work through parental showcase sessions. We had our first passion project in the Summer Term and were wowed by some of the submitted work. We are excited to see what our students produce this half-term!

Passion Projects This Year 

Autumn Term Passion Project - Holiday Brochure 

How can Parents Support their Children?

We ask that parents support their children by seeing that home learning is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions. Facilities and conditions that are conducive to study include: 

Accessing and Recording Homework

All homework will be recorded by teachers. All resources that the students will need to complete the work will be uploaded to ClassCharts. Students will be able to see all submission deadlines and should plan their work around these deadlines. Parents/Carers can also see these deadlines on their Class Charts accounts.