Duke of Edinburgh

Expand your Comfort Zone, enjoy the challenge!

We are proud to say that we offer students at The Academy, Selsey the opportunity to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Year 10 students enrolled last year, and are busy working towards their award. Year 9's now have the opportunity to start the program, and make the most of a fantastic initiative that develops every part of their character.

Reasons to get involved.

Recent surveys suggest that increasingly employers are not just looking for good qualifications but evidence of the following personal qualities: leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn. Of all the activities carried out by schools, the D of E Award came out top in the ability to demonstrate and develop these qualities. So doing the Duke of Edinburgh award is:

  • Excellent evidence for CVs, job and university applications.

  • It's great fun, very rewarding and a fantastic way of gaining confidence and skills in new areas.

What is Involved?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is based on 4 sections:

  • Service: volunteering, fundraising for charity of your choice, peer mentoring.

  • Skill: build up a skill in an area of your choice, e.g. photography, astronomy, crafts, music.

  • Physical Recreation: show dedication and progression within a sport, e.g. swimming, football, dancing.

  • Expedition: work in a team to plan and go on an expedition for 2 days and 1 night (at Bronze level)

More information can be found on The Duke of Edinburgh Award website

If your child is in Year 9, and is interested in being part of this fantastic journey, please contact Mr Butler via email Harry.Butler@tas-tkat.org or come and see him directly for more information.

There are weekly meetings in room 7 where you can ask questions and find out more, and then once started, keep us up to date with how you are getting on.

Everyone is welcome